Diggers’ Walk

The beautiful gum trees lining Belalie Creek through Jamestown’s town centre were planted by returned soldiers following World War 1 as part of a project known as the Diggers’ Walk.

Jamestown community members are now working hard to recreate the Diggers’ Walk, with letters, diaries, photographs and stories to be featured on signage, complemented by audio posts.
Belalie Creek, Jamestown


Murals on the walls of Jamestown’s beautiful heritage shops tell the stories of pioneers and early settlers, creating a visual history of the development of the town from 19th century optimism to the diverse agribusiness centre it is today.

These heritage artworks are now complemented by an outdoor gallery showcasing murals painted for the annual Jamestown Mural Festival. The current festival murals are at the eastern end of Ayr St, and other murals from previous festivals are dotted around the township.
Ayr St, Jamestown

Belalie Creek

Belalie Creek meanders through Jamestown, providing a host of perfect locations for travellers to enjoy a peaceful walk or relaxing bite to eat.

Grab some tasty food from one of Jamestown’s many eateries. Spread out your picnic blanket or sit at tables placed along the banks of the creek. Often your only company will be the friendly local ducks.

At night the majestic River Red Gums along the creek are stunningly illuminated.